Throg The Frog of Thunder

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A little backstory.
This is the second piece in a series of Marvel Animals. I always loved Throg – The Frog of Thunder since way back when he appeared in Walt Simonson’s run in Thor. He’s absurd, silly and a whole heap of fun. As a kid this was just funny and cool and as an adult it’s just as funny and cool.

The style
The style of the drawing as I noted in my Spider-Ham piece is/was inspired by the amazing work of Will Terry. In his fan art pieces he does Marvel Heroes as kids and stylistically does these black and white crosshatched digital pencil drawing and adds color as overlays. I did basically the same thing except I did my base drawing on paper instead of digital and of course my idea was using the Marvel pets instead of kid versions of Marvel characters. Trying this kind of different stylistic approach is a great way to flex your creative muscles and just challenge yourself to pick apart how another artist does a thing that you enjoy.

The Challenges
I don’t know if I really felt challenged on this piece other than having to work with my camera videoing me the whole way through. I worried that it would run out of room the entire time and I kept looking at it to see if it was still recording. The actual drawing was pretty easy. I did a sketch in my sketchbook and just transfered it with some tracing paper to a piece of cold-pressed illustration board for some toothiness. This worked better than the watercolor paper I used for my Spider-Ham piece. The actual drawing went very smoothly although some of the crosshatching became more just shading on that paper. The paper was actually too toothy in some respects.

If you guys like feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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