Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider Ham

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A little backstory.
As a kid I got a kick out of the Peter Porker comics. They weren’t as cool as the regular Spider-Man comics but still I got a kick out of them. However it wasn’t until recently that I really started loving drawing them. I love embracing my cartoony side as I feel so stifled by drawing too realistic or too serious all the time. And the more I draw my Moon Hunters book the more I realize how much I just enjoy being cartoony and free to be more expressive with my figures. I don’t ever see myself as an animator but an animated quality is enjoyable to my aesthetic.

Once I made the decision to do a few of these pieces with the super-powered animals of Marvel comics as the subject. I actually started with my DeadPoodle piece quite a while back but once I decided on the next animals to draw I hopped next to doing this piece.

 The style

The style of the drawing itself is purely pencil and crosshatching. It was inspired by the amazing work of Will Terry and I took up the idea as a way to stretch my creative muscles. In his fan art pieces he does Marvel Heroes as kids and I really loved that but didn’t want to copy his idea… just work out stylistically he did what he did. He also starts with a black and white crosshatched digital pencil drawing and adds color as overlays. I did basically the same thing except I did my base drawing on paper instead of digital.

The Challenges
My first challenge always.. is time. I have so much stuff I’m trying to do in one day most of the time I have to really focus on making a piece as fast and as efficiently as I can. In this case I think I did by choosing to do the base drawing on paper. It feels more natural to me and gave me a chance to just draw. The sketchbook I used was a watercolor paper sketchbook — it has a very toothy paper that should have worked real well with pencil but the pencil just didn’t make a dark enough line. That was challenge number two.

I was a bit worried as my scanner generally doesn’t like pencil drawings anyway, especially light drawings so what was I going to do? Well in this case I just took a picture with my iphone. Seriously. It worked great. The image was high enough resolution for what I was doing and it got the grey tones perfectly. I actually tried scanning it and it just was horrid. Blown out greys and everything.

After importing into photoshop I did the digital flats underneath the art layer (set to multiply) I started working on the adjustments. Basically the art was mostly finished but I felt like some of the color needed a little highlights. I used some lighter colors to slowly crosshatch back into the main color and give it a little more roundness to the forms. Then a few subtle highlights and I was done.

All in all it was a fun piece. Didn’t take much time, other than trying to find my sketchbook to begin with.

If you guys like feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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