Time Lapse Night Nurse Inking Video

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I must ink. Ink is the finger stainer. Ink is the blackest black that can bring total frustration. I will permit it to flow freely over the paper. And when it has been brushed, I will turn my inner eye to see it’s stroke. Where the brush has gone there will be black. Only ink will remain.

This is a fun little time lapse of me inking a Night Nurse sketch. I’m trying to do more sketches lately as it keeps me fresh and loose. This one was a bit more in depth for a sketch than I normally do, but I had a fun idea that I just wanted to play with. I pencilled digitally and printed out the blue lines on bristol board and inked the whole piece with a Pentel Color Brush. The link to the brush is for the pigment ink version. You can get a water based version that I really am not a fan of. The pigment Ink version dries quicker and doesn’t smudge as easy and is waterproof. Just something to be aware of if you go looking to buy them. Make sure if you want the Pigment Ink version you get the ones that specifically say Pigment Ink. They usually come in grey colored pens.

I have used the Color Brushes before but could only get the smudgy water based versions and always got frustrated with them. But I’m glad I found the pigment versions because I could definately see using these for more comic work. I’m definately using them for my sketches and plan to for the foreseeable future.

If you like this video and have any future ideas for sketches feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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