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Earlier this year I was contacted by an amazing fantasy author named Jessica Schmidt. She was looking for several prints to help promote her new book Ember: Echoes of Ashes.

She was new to commissioning artwork so I did the first one to show her how my process worked and she liked it so much she decided to get two more done to make them a set of three.

I wanted each piece to work on its own but also work as a group. After talking with Jessica I decided to give each piece it’s own unique color background but in such a way that they all worked as a group as well. Each piece utilized a striking overall silhouette of the character integrated with a background.

I also ditched my normal hard cut coloring style and went with a more subtle textured approach that I found extremely appealing. I love being able to try new techniques, especially when they work.

If you like this and enjoy fantasy please check out Jessica’s imprint Owl Griffin Press and order her book.

Size – 9x12
Pen and Ink on Bristol with digital colors.



My name is Matthew Childers. I am a comic book artist, illustrator, designer, sometimes writer and most of all a storyteller. I have been creating stories and drawing in the back of books since I was a little kid in overalls living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I grew up reading X-Men, Star Wars, Transformers… all the biggies and knew one day I’d make comics of my own.


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