Looking for a new world to explore?

Is the urge to discover new characters and lands too great?

Don’t read something boring.

Join the Hornling Community and fight alongside the Moon Hunters as they take down creatures and monsters of all shapes and sizes.

Welcome to the world of Moon Hunters.

You are taking your first steps on an amazing journey into the new fantasy world of the River Folk. In Moon Hunters, you will follow the adventures of Lyria Two-Horns as she battles fantastic beasts, protects her people from evil monsters, and deals with her own brashness in the face of danger.

Moon Hunters: Tales of the River Folk Volume 1 is currently in production and will be published by Action Lab Comics upon completion. Now is your chance to become part of the River Folk community and be invited to learn behind-the-scenes stories, see behind-the-scenes art, find out more about the characters, and know when this fantastic new story is ready for release.

Read The Issue One Preview

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