Masters Of The Universe Commission

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I Have The Power!

So I had the amazing privilege to be commissioned to do a private Masters of the Universe cover commission.

As a kid I loved He-man, maybe not as much as Star Wars or Transformers/Gi-Joe but it was up there with the greatest childhood toys. And the cartoon… who could forget the cartoon.

Then last year I saw the Masters of the Universe toy documentary and really got to thinking about the inspirations that helped fuel the line and how much those same inspirations feed me today.

So when I was asked to do this I was like a kid in a candy story.

Not only was it a chance to draw from a sandbox I loved to play in, but I also got to draw big huge super-human characters.

As I’ve been drawing a lot of more kinetic fun stuff lately, this was more solid and form based. So it was fun to get to delve into adjusting my style to tell this little momentary story on a cover piece.

Plus I got to put the bad-guy large and in charge on the cover. Which is always fun. The client suggested it, but I already was thinking it.

I also had a ton of fun playing with the textured background. I want all my commissions to look like works of art on their own to really make the buyer happy and I think this one really pulled it off.

Process Video

Lately, I try to record as much as I can when I do pieces like this. In this case I was able to get a majority of the work filmed. I did have an issue with the splatter sequence not filming correctly and only a portion was shown and it’s not the greatest bit. I wish I could have shown more of that. But still it’s a fun little process video.

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