Kolchak The Night Stalker Commission



November 2018

In the last few years, I’ve met some amazing people. As I’ve continued to grow as an artist so has my commission list each and every year. I’ve had the wonderful priviledge to be asked to a number of homage covers and I think I’ve done a pretty swell job with these amazing pieces of art.

In this case I was given a very basic creative brief: 

Imagine if Marvel Comics classic Creatures On The Loose Series had featured Kolchak the Night Stalker as a character.

I’ll confess… I’d never seen an episode of Kolchak. I always thought the name sounded like a serial killer. But that just means… research. Which I’m totally fine with. While doing my research I n trying to come up with a concept, I got lost in looking at other horror comic covers and ran across a Planet of Vampires cover by the great Neal Adams. I love the classic Dracula look and thought it would fit perfectly with the concept.

First, I did a quick thumbnail to make sure I liked the overall idea. Sometimes I do more than one but this one was right on the nose with what I wanted.

In photoshop, using the thumbnail as a base I defined forms and drew out the main art. The masthead and typography I build in Adobe Illustrator and imported into photoshop. When I’m done with this stage I print out only the masthead in light blue  (10% cyan only) onto Strathmore 300 Smooth Bristol Board.

My printer prints at 11x17 and that paper works really well with my printer. The line art I print separately in black and draw in with a light box. The reason for all of that is so that I can keep the artwork as clean as possible.

After that, it’s just me, a brush, a couple micron pens and time.



How long does it take to draw a commission for a client? 
Typically I draw and turn a commission around in a week. I don’t like pieces to linger for more than that. With shipping typically two weeks.

Do commissions make great gifts for the holidays?
Absolutely. Fans of comics flip out for custom art of their favorite characters.

What size are the cover commissions?
Typically they are on 11x17 paper. The actual art is 10x15 which gives you an inch top and bottom and half an inch on the sides.

Do you sign your artwork?
Yes. I sign them on the front and have recently taken to signing on the back with a stamp of authenticity.

How do you ship them without the art getting damaged?
Each cover piece is sealed in a plastic sleeve to keep it safe from moisture. Then it is sandwiched securely between two pieces of stiff cardboard. Once I secure the pieces so that the art can’t be damaged I ship it in a box to prevent bending. That way the art is safe from bending and the elements.

Nice things people have said.


Gallery of past commissions

Cover Commission Special Holiday Pricing. – $150

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