Hawk And A Handsaw


Enter a Superhero Insane Asylum comic in “Hawk and a Handsaw!” We all know you have to be a little crazy to put on a brightly colored costume and fight crime, but how exactly would a mental health care worker know who is the real deal and who is simply a sick individual who has latched onto the delusion of being a super powered being?

Written by Brett Harris

Illustrated by Matthew Childers

Read a four-page sample of Hawk And A Handsaw!

Hawk And A Handsaw Page 1
Hawk And A Handsaw Page 2 - Illustrated by Matthew Childers
Hawk And A Handsaw Page 3 - Illustrated by Matthew Childers
   Hawk And A Handsaw Page 4 - Illustrated by Matthew Childers

Artist Matthew Childers meanwhile, does a superb job bringing this retro world to life! Mixing the classic lines of a Sean Philips with a slightly cartoonish air of a Darwyn Cooke or Bruce Timm, the tone for AiP is just perfect, capturing the classic pulp feel but giving it enough of a contemporary air to stop it feeling derivative. A large part of this is down to the exceptional colour work on show. Every screen is rendered with vintage hues that give the whole thing a sublime retro vibe, while the vibrancy of the digital colouring make every page leap off the screen at the same time.

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