Harry Potter Time Lapse Video & Process

Every holiday I sit down and watch the Harry Potter films with my kids. My son especially has a love for The Boy Who Lived. This holiday was no different, and I found myself having an itch for doing some watercolor paintings. I’ve always been a fan of watercolor. I daresay I had an aptitude for it since college and it just fits my drawing style. I love how it dries quickly, applies easily, isn’t terribly messy and allows you to layer on color. 

So naturally to scratch the itch I decided to do a Harry Potter painting. Using a few techniques that I picked up from Wylie Beckert I decided to jump right in.

I didn’t have a nice fancy watercolor stretcher like Wylie Beckert uses so I wet stretched my paper and used Gorilla Tape to stretch the paper. Most watercolor artists wet stretch then staple/gum tape their paper down. I absolutely abhor this method as it’s messy and time consuming. Plus stapling can ruin surfaces. With the Gorilla Tape I got a strong adhesion that didn’t ruin the paper when I pulled it off (there is a method to removing it though)

The Gorilla Tape worked somewhat, there was still a bit of warping of the paper but with the application of a blowdryer whenever I added quite a bit of wet to the paper it kept the paper fairly flat. Not as flat as stretching the paper with a proper paper stretcher but it wasn’t bad.

Once I had my paper stretched these are the basic steps of the painting.

  • I did my initial sketch and printed it onto the paper before I stretched it. So I had a starting point.
  • Then I laid down washes of ink and set the overall tonal quality of the piece.
  • Next I added some pencil linework to give the piece some weight. 
  • After that I added washes of color over the tonal work and then went back with a black col-erase colored pencil and beefed up the lines again.
  • The final touch was using a white coloring pencil to add highlights.

 Once the painting was finished I did scan it and make adjustments in photoshop to the digital file. My scanner doesn’t tends to desaturate and blow out some colors so I beefed up the colors in photoshop and also cleaned it up a little for any future prints I might make.

About The Creator

Matthew Childers is a Tennessee based comic book artist, illustrator and writer. He has also worked as a graphic designer for over 20+ years and has won over 50 advertising and illustration awards. Matthew has also worked for Dynamite Comics, Nickelodeon and deCoubertin books. He is currently working on the upcoming Action Lab Comics fantasy adventure series Moon Hunters – Tales of the River Folk.

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