Enemy Ape Commission

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Commissions | 0 comments

Flying Apes!

You may notice a trend. I tend to draw quite a few gorillas and monkeys.

I love them.

This piece had quite a bit of feathering in it too. I don’t think I feather as much as I did when I drew this piece but It turned out okay.

The biplane ended up being one of my favorite parts of this piece. I do love old fashioned airplanes, and when you combine them with monkeys…

I do think the weakness of this piece is that the background was so stark black. I think in hindsight I would have done a splatter of white to give it a little texture.

I did however really enjoy the masthead on this one. Taken as a whole it was a really piece that I’m extremely proud of.


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