The Dark Arts

A Portrait Series of the Macabre and Arcane

Do you think ravens are beautiful creatures? Do you enjoying wearing black or have a deep seated love of the macabre? Or perhaps you dream in alternating currents and tesla coils?

If you are like me and find people like Edgar Allen Poe or Nikola Tesla to be fascinating, not just for their impact on history but for their deep connections to the paranormal or perhaps just their own inner darkness then perhaps you will equally enjoy my portrait series featuring two of history’s most eccentric men.

Edgar Allan Poe – The Dark Poet

Edgar Allan Poe wasn’t some dark sorcerer who wondered through graveyards digging up corpses like our twisted minds would have us imagine. He was actually a hardworking writer who not only invented the modern detective story, but he was also an innovator in science fiction and credited as one of the first writers of short stories as well. He was orphaned at a young age and though raised by a wealthy merchant dreamed of becoming a poet like his idol, the British poet Lord Byron.

Throughout his life he drew inspiration from his own poverty and dealings with debt until in 1845, with the publishing of “The Raven” made him a household name. The dark irony is that only four years later he would go missing for five days only to be found wandering the streets of Baltimore and soon afterward died of what was listed as “congestion of the brain.” Many people since have speculated that he died from murder, rabies or poisoning… but what more fitting way for this dark poet to meet his fate than under mysterious circumstances.

Nikola Tesla – The Dark Inventor

It is almost fitting that we say that this brilliant inventors’ story begins on a dark and story night. Literally. He was born during a lightning storm. The midwife worried that it was a dark omen proclaimed he was a “child of darkness” but his mother cried out “ No, he will be a child of light.” And a child of light he was. He is credited with being the father of such things as the cell phone and wireless internet. He was insanely brilliant, could memorize entire books and had the ability to see inventions in his head in 3D. He also, with the help of his high frequency oscillator, literally shook the poop out of Mark Twain who was known to have severe digestive problems.

Despite all his inventions however, he died a poor man. He considered himself a humanitarian and his inventions and experiment were for the betterment of mankind and wanted to give humanity a better quality of life. He never seemed to care about money and rarely had enough money for his own research.



My name is Matthew Childers. I am a comic book artist, illustrator, designer, sometimes writer and most of all a storyteller. I have been creating stories and drawing in the back of books since I was a little kid in overalls living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I grew up reading X-Men, Star Wars, Transformers… all the biggies and knew one day I’d make comics of my own.

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