Crisis On Parallel Earths Commission

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Commissions | 0 comments

It’s a Crisis!

Most of the commissions I get are homages to classic covers with a twist. This one was no exception.

Modeled after the classic X-men cover this one features my son’s favorite character “The Flash” and Green Arrow.

It is strange that I tend to get commissioned to draw quite a few DC characters. I don’t get Marvel commissions that often. Regardless this one was tons of fun. Trying to figure out which characters would appear on the posters was also quite a thrill.

One area where I struggled initially was how to pull off the texture on the page. I wanted the spotlight without going full black.

I decided to go with a splatter effect using ink on a toothbrush. I masked off the areas that I wanted to remain white and did the effect, all the while crossing my fingers and hoping I didn’t screw anything up. Luckily it really made the whole page pop.


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