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Comics are a visual medium. There is no doubt that without the art, comics would just be books. The art helps to bring our favorite characters to life and many times stylistically, and aesthetically, turns a button in inside us that just makes us want more.

That need to fill our creative void with art that speaks to us is ever present in comic book fandom. That need to fill a new spot in a collection, or to add a new sketch to a sketchbook is a hunger that longs to be fulfilled.

That’s one of the reasons I enjoy taking commissions and creating custom art. I have felt that need and that desire. The joy that it brings.

11x17 Cover Commision

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9x12 Cover Commision

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My Process

Custom cover commissions have become some of my favorite types of custom projects to work on. The ideas generally involve recreating classic comic book covers with a new twist. Perhaps new characters or perhaps changing the character to a gorilla.

I love working with typography and because of my many years as a graphic designer I am exceedingly comfortable recreating classic comic cover mastheads. I typically design the masthead and sketch the idea digitally but then transfer it to a board and ink the illustration traditionally.

Using my process I am able to recreate these classic cover mockups and incorporate the typography as part of the art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size commissions do you do?

Currently my two main sizes are 9x12 or 11x17. I am flexible with that but those tend to work the best. 11x17 is the typical for comic book art and it to do a different size doesn’t give it the same feel.

9x12 allows me to do single character commissions for people with smaller collections or who want something more budget friendly. The smaller size doesn’t typically allow for a masthead however.

How is the art shipped?

The idea of the commissions I do being damaged in transit is my biggest fear. So I take extra care in shipping. All of my art is bagged in an archival plastic sleeve to protect it from the elements. Then placed carefully between two pieces of stiff cardboard to prevent bending. 

Once it is secured safely I ship in padded envelopes for another layer of protection.

Can you do color or is it just Black and White?

I can do color with the 9x12 color pieces one of two ways: Watercolor or digital colors. 

With Watercolor illustrations I have to make sure the inks are waterproof which takes a little care, but you do get a single piece of art that really stands off on the page.

With digital colors you would get one piece of original black and white art and a colored Giclee digital print. The quality of the Giclee is archival quality with only the best colored inks, however it generally adds a two week turnaround to the commission.

Some Of My Favorite Covers

If your collection is hungering for a new piece of art. If your nightstand is empty and only a drawing of your favorite character can fill the void. Or maybe your wall is just too bare. You have come to the right place.

11x17 Cover Commision

$300.00Add to cart

9x12 Color Commision

$175.00 $125.00Add to cart

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