Comic Coloring – Sleeping on a problem

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Making Comics | 0 comments

As often happens when you find yourself working on a project late a night, sometimes you come to question your choices. In working on a particular page, there is a moment where a really powerful supernatural moment occurs that I was already having a hard time visualizing in my head, much less in the black and white art. I knew I was going to have to enhance the effects in the coloring stage to give it the effect I wanted. My first attempt as seen below came across as overly rendered (for me) and not near supernatural enough for what I was starting to envision. At the time I felt as if I liked it but something still felt wrong. So I slept on it. I woke up early and it hit me that what it really needed was for me to really revisit the line art. To push the black and white line art to the point where the foreground figure was in so much shadow that the only thing pulling her from the background was the highlights. Very dramatic lighting, even more so than in the first attempt. The second version allowed me to simplify the colors and start to add some effects to really hammer home the supernatural moment happening. In the original version had I done that, the over rendering of the coloring would have just made it a total mess.

There may be those that completely disagree with my choice here but I tend to prefer simplicity over over-rendered art. But sometimes it takes a good nights sleep to realize that’s what a panel really needs.

First Coloring Attempt


Overly rendered and not fulfilling the supernatural effect I was going for.

First Coloring Attempt


Simpler more effective coloring allows me to use more effects so I don’t muddy up the moment.