Captain Americat

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A little backstory.
I’ve been continuing the trend of making a series of Marvel Pets illustrations. I will probably stop at four for now (I like even numbers) but they have seriously been fun. A different change of pace. This one was particularly fun because my kids kept looking over my shoulder to see how it was coming. My daughter especially loves cats so she was keen on seeing how it turned out.

Here are links to the others if you like what you see.
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The style
The style of the drawing itself is purely pencil and crosshatching. Like the other pieces it was inspired by the amazing work of Will Terry and I took up the idea as a way to stretch my creative muscles. In his fan art pieces he does Marvel Heroes as kids and I really loved that but didn’t want to copy his idea… just work out stylistically he did what he did. He also starts with a black and white crosshatched digital pencil drawing and adds color as overlays. I did basically the same thing except I did my base drawing on paper instead of digital.

The Challenges
On this one the eyes challenged me more than anything. I initially drew the eys much like a humans with the slitted pupil instead of the normal round pupil but something didn’t look right. Of course I did that out of thinking I knew what a cat’s eyes looked like instead of actually looking at a cat’s eyes. I decided after I had it in scanned and was adding color to check the reference and realized it was all wrong. Cat’s Iris’s generally take up a much bigger portion of the eye than in humans so I had to completely redraw that. I’m gladd I did because it became one of my favorite parts of the drawing.

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