Who is Matthew Childers?

Matthew Childers has been drawing since he was in grammar school.
Inspired by movies such as Star Wars and cartoons like Star Blazers Matthew spent the better part of his youth putting his imagination down on paper or in the back of his books.

Matthew’s love of sequential art exploded after getting a box of comics one summer. Digging through issues drawn by the likes of Jack Kirby, John Buscema, and John Romita Jr., Matthew pushed his love for drawing to the next level.

It wasn’t until after high-school that Matthew would find his true mentors. After meeting artists Brian Steelfreeze, Cully Hamner, Mike Weiringo, and Jeff Parker Matthew would lay a foundation of clean bold brushwork, and strong use of shadow that harkens back to a classic era of comics. This was bolstered by discovered the work of Mike Mignola and his work on Hellboy.

Unfortunately, like many of us, Matthew still struggled to find his voice. Matthew found himself mired in the notion that he wasn’t ready. He wasn’t refined. He worked as a graphic designer in advertising and while skilled and talented, found himself lost in a world that didn’t fit his true desires or sensibilities. His free time taken up with sketches and unfinished work that sits idle to this day.

It wasn’t until years later that Matthew decided it was time to start living his dream and making books. To put sketchbooks aside and start telling stories. His first illustrated comic was a self-published action adventure story entitled Jigsaw World. He followed it up with a two-issue anthology series and webcomic called Adventures In Pulp. Soon afterward, Matthew illustrated a short story for Dynamite Comic’s Army of Darkness Anthology.

Matthew brings all of these experiences into his latest series set to be published by Action Lab Comics, entitled Moon Hunters: Tales of the River Folk. With his background in graphic design Matthew enjoys creating books from start to finish and after studying the masters of sequential art has an urge to bring his own brand of storytelling to comics. Matthew’s art still has that economy of line, bold brushwork and strong use of shadows but now coupled with a more fun and free expressive quality.



My name is Matthew Childers. I am a comic book artist, illustrator, designer, sometimes writer and most of all a storyteller. I have been creating stories and drawing in the back of books since I was a little kid in overalls living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I grew up reading X-Men, Star Wars, Transformers… all the biggies and knew one day I’d make comics of my own.

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