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Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men

Detective noir meets invasion sci-fi comic in “Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men”. It’s New York in the 1940s and private investigator Dick Ruby is on the case of a missing person. His search takes him from below the city to one of its highest points and puts him on a larger trail. A trail that leads to little green men from outer space.

Hawk and a Handsaw

Enter a Superhero Insane Asylum comic in “Hawk and a Handsaw!” We all know you have to be a little crazy to put on a brightly colored costume and fight crime, but how exactly would a mental health care worker know who is the real deal and who is simply a sick individual who has latched onto the delusion of being a super powered being? Dr. Felicity is new to Sterling City Mental Health Facility and is more than a little interested in finding out the answer to that question.

The Four Horsemen

The King is dead, long live the King. In “Four Horseman” a power hungry Prince kills his father to steal the crown and kingdom. He knows the only thing that can stop him is the magic wielded by his father’s most trusted confidant, the Good Witch of the Dead Lands. Hiding in her place of power, she has been discovered and uses her magic to summon four warriors from across time and space.

Ashes of the Immortals

Travel to the far reaches of the galaxy to a distant world around a dim sun where science has managed to conquer death itself. Meet Rookie Investigator Nos as he is handed his first case since becoming a Constable for his District: The first murder anywhere on the planet since the scientists of his world discovered the secret to immortality. The murder leads Nos to a conspiracy that extends across his dark world and may reduce his society it to ashes. It’s first death in a over a thousand years, but will it be the last?

Army of Darkness 1992.1

With Ash getting hitched and the army of darkness continuously at the heels of the Chosen One, it’s time to party like it’s 1992… point one! Dynamite celebrates the success of the Army of Darkness series by going back to a simpler time – when the internet was young and cell phones were ten pounds. This one-shot features stories that are classically Ash, by your favorite Army of Darkness writers: James Kuhoric, Steve Niles, Elliott Serrano, and Mike Raicht. Not to mention your soon-to-be new favorite, Cullen Bun – with a story that ties directly into the new story arc! Art by Juanan Antonio, Matthew Childers, Francesco Manna, Juan Fransico Moyano, and Larry Watts.

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